"The Ideal Bread" All About Jazz NY review by Ivana Ng

"The Ideal Bread" All About Jazz NY review by Ivana Ng, June 2008

The Ideal Bread is a tribute to the late soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy, who mentored group leader Josh Sinton. Here, Sinton reworks the arrangements on Lacy’s 1979 record NY Quirks and Capers (sic) and uses unusual instrumentation (his baritone sax and Kirk Knuffke’s trumpet replace Lacy’s soprano sax) to honor Lacy’s compositional genius and his ability to inspire brilliant, probing improv. On most tracks, sax and trumpet play in unison. A careless

listener might say that this quartet’s interpretations are very loyal to Lacy’s compositions. Lacy’s songs are constructed, however, to give the musicians freedom in exploring the boundaries of his melodies. In “Capers”, for example, drummer Tomas Fujiwara deviates from the script with and AfroCuban rhythm. Ideal Bread follows unusually traditional style; play the melody several times over, improvise and then return to the beginning. The quartet’s innovation lies in its improv sessions during each song. Sinton and Knuffke respond to each other’s exploratory melodies with an innate sense of the other’s thought process. Bassist Reuben Radding and Fujiwara support them with tight, angular rhythms.”