Mockingbird - SteepleChase Records 2009


  • Kirk Knuffke: trumpet
  • Jesse Stacken: piano

Recording track list

  1. Light Blue (Thelonious Monk) (4:33)
  2. Teo (Thelonious Monk) (4:07)
  3. Such Sweet Thunder (Duke Ellington) (4:17)
  4. Reflections (Thelonious Monk) (6:15)
  5. Skippy (Thelonious Monk) (5:02)
  6. Isfahan (Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorn) (5:36)
  7. Misterioso (Thelonious Monk) (5:16)
  8. Bright Mississippi (Thelonious Monk) (3:55)
  9. Sunset and the Mockingbird (Duke Ellington) (4:22)
  10. Four in One (Thelonious Monk) (4:51)

Mockingbird: release info

SteepleChase Records 2009

Pianist Stacken and trumpeter Knuffke are new faces on SteepleChase. Both joined the New York jazz scene relatively recent years (Stacken 2002 / Knuffke 2005). They rapidly established themselves as leaders and sidemen. Here on their SteepleChase debut the Duo succeeds in presenting an intriguing program of Monk & Ellington works.

The music of Thelonious Monk and Duke Ellington
Produced by Jesse Stacken and Kirk Knuffke
Executive Production by Nils Winther

Named best tribute recording of 2009 by all about jazz new york!
As well as an honorable mention from David Adler in Jazz House best of 2009