Like a Tree

Like a Tree - SteepleChase Records SCCD 31739


  • Kirk Knuffke - Cornet
  • Jesse Stacken - Piano
  • Kenny Wollesen - Drums

Recording track list

1. No Baby  (Steve Lacy)
2. Olhos De Gato  (Carla Bley)
3. Peace  (Ornette Coleman)
4. Hypochristmutreefuzz  (Misha Mengelberg)
5. Art  (Steve Lacy)
6. Saturn  (John Coltrane)
7. The Crust  (Steve Lacy)
8. The Painter  (Julius Hemphill)
9. And Now The Queen  (Carla Bley)
10. Free  (Ornette Coleman)
11. A Man is Like a Tree  (Albert Ayler)
12. Jesus Maria  (Carla Bley)

Like a Tree: release info

SteepleChase Records SCCD 31739

Recorded February 2011 by Cris Sulit
Mixing and Mastering by Nils Winther
Produced By Nils Winther