Karl Berger

In Duet
Karl Berger - Piano, Vibrophone, and Melodica
Kirk Knuffke - Cornet

The Karl Berger "Falcon" Sextet
Karl Berger - Piano, Vibrophone, and Melodica
Ingrid Sertso - Vioce
Kirk Knuffke - Cornet
Kenny Wessel - Guitar
Ken Filiano - Bass
Billy Martin - Drums



I first met the great Karl Berger at an "Arts for Art" venening that presented two dous in celebration of drummer Ed Blackwell, the first duo was Karl with William Parker and the second was drummer Gerald Cleaver and myself. Of course I'd been listening to Karl foe mnay years before this meeting.  We hit it off nad began playing right away. Karl asked me to come up and teach with him at his amazing Creative Music Studio in woodstock, it was there that we played duo for the first time and the idea was hatched to record, the recording that resulted is the 2 CD set "Moon"  on NoBuisiness Records.  The Falcon Sextet recorded recently and I'm looking forward to that release!