Chasing Tales (Gauci-Knuffke-Filiano)

Chasing Tales (Gauci-Knuffke-Filiano) - Relative Pitch RPR 1023


  • Stephen Gauci - Tenor
  • Kirk Knuffke - Cornet
  • Ken Filiano - Bass


Recording track list

1. Epee (Filiano, Gauci)
2. Ghosting (Filiano, Knuffke, Gauci)
3. Boogaloo (Gauci)
4. Chasing Tales (Filiano)
5. Probing for Places (Filiano, Knuffke, Gauci)
6. Eyeball (Knuffke)
7. Dark Like My Heart (Gauci)
8. Onset (Filiano, Knuffke, Gauci)
9. Unfurl (Filiano, Knuffke, Gauci)
10. Symphony in K (Gauci)
11. Speaking of You Gently (Filiano, Knuffke)

Chasing Tales (Gauci-Knuffke-Filiano): release info

Relative Pitch RPR 1023

Recorded 12-18-11 at Park West Studios
I have copies if you are interested please Email me.