"Bizingas" New York Times review by Ben Ratliff

"Bizingas" review From Ben Ratliff at the New York Times, 12/5/10

An excellent new band from Brooklyn, led by the trombonist and pianist Brian Drye, Bizingas mixes jazz and rock, but is — please, I promise you — about seven planets away from what we used to call fusion. On its first, self-titled album — released by NCM East — this band’s identity points all over the place: toward classical tone-rows, Deerhoof, Henry Threadgill and Charles Mingus’s rugged ensemble harmony. Its drummer is Ches Smith, and if you know how he sounds, that should give you a clue: hard and clanky and relentless, full of bashing fills. Kirk Knuffke is its trumpeter, which could likewise fill you in: learned, nimble around the instrument, tight and articulate with unexpected accents and fast runs. Jonathan Goldberger, improvising or running through written parts, plays guitar like he’s in a rock band, with a thin, dirty tone and a thirsty aggression. Meanwhile Mr. Drye settles in and stretches out on both his instruments, growing relaxed and ruminative over all the scrabbling. It’s one of the best introductions to a new band, and a pretty new aesthetic, that I’ve heard lately.